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The first is pretty obvious: What do your customers ask you? Look at your email inbox or social media account and see which questions keep popping up. What usually makes people hesitate before purchasing? What doubts might they have? The more you can automate the answers to these questions, these easier you’ll make it for your customers to buy with confidence. And you’ll save yourself time too.
If you’re a new business or don’t have a lot of customer queries yet, take a look at similar websites for ideas. Bonus points if you can answer the question better than they can.
Use Google’s Autosuggest feature to start typing a question about your business into the search bar. You’ll see the commonly asked questions people search for. This can be a jumping off point to figure out what questions to put on your own FAQ page. Another idea is to browse Quora—a site built to answer people’s questions. Just type in a topic, select More Options and then choose All Questions. You’ll get a list of the most recent questions related to that topic.
It stands for frequently-asked questions, and it’s a page on a website that gives quick answers to customer questions. The idea is to keep the answers short and direct so that people find info quickly. We write it as “an FAQ”…(“an eff-ay-cue”) instead of “a FAQ” (a “fack”).
Mobile phones use radio signals, which can be absorbed or reflected by obstacles, such as buildings, trees or passing buses or lorries. Keep this in mind when calling 112 from your mobile. The quality of the antenna on your mobile will also affect reception, as can the weather.
Along the Dutch border you may have more difficulty reaching 112 than elsewhere in the country. This is because frequency capacity cannot be used fully in border regions. The Netherlands has made agreements with neighbouring countries on avoiding disturbance to each other’s networks.
The location of calls placed to 112 from mobile phones will also be displayed to the emergency call centre. This is almost always the place of the cell tower used for the call. Your number will also be displayed, even if you are using a mobile phone.
The international emergency number is only intended for situations in which every second counts, such as a fire, a person having a heart attack or a car accident in which people are injured. You should also ring if you are witnessing a crime, so the police have a chance of catching the culprits in the act.